Welcome to AD Nativia!


In this guide, we’ll explain how to get started with advertising. Don’t worry, it won’t be messy, it’s all very simple. With our help, you will only create the first campaign, while you will create the next ad entirely by yourself. Our platform is extremely easy to use.


The First Step


First, let’s see how campaigns are created. When you log in to your profile, you will notice a menu on the left side. There you need to select the ADS option, and then CREATE ADS. Then the campaign creation window will open.

The process of creating a campaign is done in eight steps. Some require filling in the fields, such as: campaign name, title, image, link to your pre-landing page, price per click, total budget (Add Fund), etc. Other fields are optional.



If you want to know more about the process of creating campaigns, you will find more on the article: How to create a new campaign?


The Second Step


You will not be able to complete the creation of the campaign until you have paid the amount for the advertising budget (Add Fund). Once the budget amount has been paid on your profile, the Native Media platform will allow you to finish creating the campaign.

You can pay the advertising budget in several ways: via bank account, via PayPal or via payment card. To pay for advertising for your profile, go to the menu on the left, click on the PAYMENTS field, then ADD FUND.



You can see the detailed procedure in the article: How do I pay for advertising?


The Third Step


Now that you know the whole process, it’s important to keep one more thing in mind. It’s not enough just to let the campaign run. You need to determine in detail to which audience your campaign will be displayed, i.e. to define your target group.

The advantage of advertising on Native Media platforms is that you determine which people will be displayed the campaigns you created, based on the location where they live, the languages they speak, but also their interests, the websites they visit etc.



Which advertising filters you will use depends on the amount of your advertising budget. Read more about filters and the possibilities they offer in the article: How to create a target audience according to your advertising budget?




As you can see, you need to go through three simple steps to master working on the Native Media platform and launch your first campaigns. The steps are:

Create a campaign.
Pay the advertising budget (Add Fund).
Set filters for audience targeting.

If you need help, our operators are here for you at any time. Send us an email with a question to [email protected] and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.