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Text Adcodes

Text Adcodes will generate Text Ad format display in publisher site. In the early days of the Web, everything was text – there were no graphics. While the Web has become more and more graphical, the latest trend in advertising is to take a step backwards to simple text ads.

Text ad display style can be customized to match the look and feel of your websites and thereby provide a native appearance to the ads.

Banner Adcodes

Banner Adcodes will generate Banner Ad format display in publisher site. {x} provides all industrial standard dimensions to generate banner adcodes.

These ads complement the publisher pages aesthetically and blend in contextually. Graphical ads allow you to catch people attention in pictures and boast a higher viewer retention rate

Native Ads

We place our native ads on your site. Native ads act as another useful article on your site and do not look like a classic advertisement, so they are not repulsive to the audience. That is why they have a high CTR.

All you have to do is register and post the Ad Nativia code on your blog or portal. The process is very simple and fast, it only takes a few minutes to finish everything. Ads will appear on your site, and you make money every time someone clicks on one of those ads.

No effort required! You, as before, dedicate yourself to editing your site, and the money comes by itself!

Pop Adcodes

Pop adcodes can be used to generate pop-up ads, pop-under ads as well as new-tab ads. Pop ads will be triggered on click events and rendered in seperate window/tab.

Pop adcodes generate revenue in CPM(Cost Per Mille) model.

Interstitial Adcodes

Interstitial Adcodes will generate Interstitial Ad format display in your sites. Interstitial adcodes insert banners between page transitions on your websites. So you don't need to modify the webpage layout in order to place interstitial adcodes.

Interstitial banners are displayed in a webpage using a full page lightbox overlay, which ensures better visibility than normal banners.


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