Ad Nativia wants good cooperation with every advertiser and publisher on our platform. Because of that, we made rules for using Ad Nativia platform. Please follow them.




1. Publisher can be only websites with certain high standard criteria. All content on the website must be interesting and of excellent quality for audience. Also, website must have good traffic every day – more of 300 hundreds visitors per day.

2. It is not allowed to encourage visitors to click on advertisement. For example, using labels such ad “free”, “donation”, etc. In this way you work against our advertisers, because you sending to advertisers’ audience who is not interested in their offer.

3. It is forbidden to place ads on websites that are not approved from Ad Nativia platform. Every ad codes on website must be generated and obtained only from our platform.

4. It is forbidden to ask other to do click on ads placed on your website. Audience should click on them because they are interested in ads.

5. It is strictly forbidden to place ads in pop-ups and forcing users to click on ads.

6. The websites of publisher should be regular in laws. Ad Nativia does not post ads on the websites with pirated content, promoting drugs, violence, weapons or adult content.

7. Ad Nativia do not accept websites which are infected by some viruses, blocked by anti-virus, or marked as unsafe by Google Chrome of Fire Fox.

8. Ad Nativia platform is not obliged to accept every publisher, nor to explain why chosen to do so.

9. If exist reasonable suspicion that clicks are fraudulent, Ad Nativia may refuse the payment until proven otherwise. System used by our platform can detect every type of fraud and attempt to increases clicks on ads.

10. Multiple sign up to Ad Nativia platform are forbidden, unless we have previously allowed it. In any other case, Ad Nativia will immediately be registered that account as fraud, without the right to appeal.

11. Is not allowed clicking on your own ads. If someone want to see more detailed information about some advertiser, only what need to do is copy the URL and paste it directly to browser.


Ad placement policies


Publisher must accept and complied with next policies:

- It is forbidden to place ad codes in the header or above the content.

- They should not be placed on location where users are forced to click on ads.

- Below the headline publisher can place widget with two larger ads or four smaller.

- It is not allowed to place more of two widgets on one website.

- Large format widgets can have a maximum six ads and smaller format widgets can have maximum eight ads.

- For websites posts that are less than two hundred words, publisher can post only one ad.


Advertising Polices


1. The content of the ad must be relevant to the website of publisher.

2. It is forbidden to place ads which content are violate and don’t respect laws of country of website where is placed.

3. The website you are promoting must be accessible when clicked on ads.

4. It is forbidden to advertise website which has a lot links to other websites, because that slow down and obstruct traffic.

5. In the content of ad is not allowed to put contact information of advertiser.

6. It is forbidden to advertise websites without content.

7. It is forbidden to place ads with similar content.


Ad Title Policy


- Maximum three words can be capitalized in title.

- Header of the ad maximum can have 80 characters.

- Spelling and grammar errors will not be tolerated.

- Any contact information is strictly forbidden.


Ad Images Policy


  • It is forbidden to put contact information on image.

  • It is forbidden to use image of President of any country in ad content.

  • Identical or approximately identical images will be rejected by Ad Nativia platform.


Respond to our Requests


Ad Nativia kindly asks you to check daily email, which is used for your account on our platform, if we need to contact you about your account. We expect you to read carefully every email from us and to follow our instructions from received email.

Any doubts about received email are resolved by our operators via email [email protected].