Why my campaign is not running / why there is no traffic?

Sometimes it happens that your campaign simply has no traffic, even though you have filled everything. This problem usually occurs with new advertisers, who have not yet fully learned how the platform works.

The campaign is not running most often for two reasons:

  1. Your price per click is too low.
  2. You’ve put in too many filters and reduced your audience drastically.

Both problems are easily solved. Here’s how:

If the problem is the price of clicking…

Each advertiser can set a cost-per-click that suits them. However, if the cost of a click is too low, other advertisers who put a higher price will have an advantage. Your ad will appear but will have extremely low traffic.

What cost-per-click should I set?

Beginners can see our price list with suggested prices by clicking on this link. As you can see, they vary from country to country.

To get started, enter a slightly higher price than suggested, then test. You do the optimization by reducing / increasing the price by 5-10% daily.

For example: The suggested cost per click for Germany is 5.4-euro cents (0.054 euros). Start with 6.5 cents (0.065 euros). Reduce it to 6 (0.06 euros) the next day. If you want to reduce the price even more, lower it to 0.055 the next day, etc.

Repeat the procedure until you determine the optimal price. This will allow you to know which click price fits your needs and which will allow the ad to be displayed again.

If there’s a problem with targeting…

The ad will not display if you have mark too many filters. This means that you’ve narrowed your audience too much, resulting in your ad not showing.

This problem mainly happens to new advertisers. Therefore, if you have just started using the Ad Nativia platform, use only basic filters.

Specifically, target only the location where the ad will be displayed.

Use other filters gradually and test what can and can’t pass.

We’re here for you

If you have a problem that you can’t solve, write to [email protected] where we are available 24/7. One of our colleagues will respond as soon as possible and help you get over any problems.