What payment method should I choose?

If this is the first time you’re withdrawing money from your publisher’s account, you’re probably interested in what’s the fastest and most affordable way to pay. In the following text, we will list all the methods and details, so that you can decide by yourself what suits you best.


Since PayPal charges a commission to recipients, you will be charged transaction costs when you withdraw money from Ad Nativia to your account. Costs vary from country to country, depending on what type of PayPal profile you use, etc., but is usually around 4%. Ad Nativia does not charge any fee for withdrawing money.

In order to withdraw money to your PayPal account, you need to earn a minimum of 50 euros.


Unlike PayPal, the Skrill platform charges the transaction costs to the sender and they amount to 3% of the total amount sent. Ad Nativia will deduct this 3% from the total amount you withdraw to Skrill, to reimburse the costs.

So, if you withdraw 100 euros, 97 euros will be sent to your Skrill account. Other than this, there’s no extra cost.

To withdraw money to your Skrill account, you need to earn a minimum of 50 euros.


There are no costs here and you will receive the full amount you withdraw through Payoneer.

To withdraw money to your Payoneer account, you need to earn a minimum of 50 euros.

Bank account

Publishers who withdraw money directly to their bank account are charged a 3% commission for amounts up to 330 euros. If the amount is higher, the commission is fixed at 10 euros. These costs are taken by the bank, Ad Nativia does not charge any commissions for withdrawing earnings into the bank account.

To withdraw money into your bank account you need to earn a minimum of 120 euros.

How to get money from a Ad Nativia profile

To withdraw money, go to your Ad Nativia profile and select PAYOUTS / REQUEST from the menu on the left.

Choose a method of withdrawing money.

To withdraw money to Skril, PayPal and Payoneer you only need to enter an email address with which you have opened an account on these platforms. While withdrawal of money into a bank account requires several more information such as bank name, account number, address, etc.