How to limit campaign costs?

In order for our advertisers to have complete control over the money they use for advertising, we have introduced two important options:

  • Ad Total Budget
  • Daily Budget

Both options are located on Step 7 – Pricing, and you can specify them as early as you create the campaign. You can change them later if necessary.

Total budget

You are not obliged to use all the money you have deposited into your profile immediately. On AD TOTAL BUDGET, specify the sum that you want to spend on the campaign advertising that you are creating. The minimum amount for the total budget is 5 euros.

For example, you can deposit 25 euros into your profile and make five campaigns, each with a budget of 5 euros. When the total budget is out, the campaign stops displaying, but you can certainly reactivate it.

Daily Budget

Use THE DAILY BUDGET option to control costs daily. The campaign will be shown during the day, until the daily budget is spent. It then stops and starts displaying again the next day. The process is repeated until the total amount you have specified for your campaign is completely out.

The minimum amount for the daily budget is 1 euro.

Unlike the total budget that must be entered, the daily budget does not need to be determined if you do not want to.