How to increase the number of clicks

Over time, you will learn to what kind of campaigns the audience reacts best, and you will know what to pay attention to when creating them.

However, if you are new and do not yet have experience with native advertising, we suggest some of the following methods for increasing the number of clicks:

  • Create more ads to promote the same product or service. Let each one has a different image type and a different title to test what goes best for the audience.
  • Expand the display region. Don’t limit yourself to just one country, insert multiple locations where the same language is spoken.
  • Increase the price per click, which will improve your position on the platform, and give your campaigns an advantage over other advertisers. Consequently, the number of clicks will increase.
  • Don’t overdo filters such as category, device, and time limit (steps 3, 4, and 5 in creating a campaign). This will drastically reduce the audience and reduce the number of clicks. Use these filters only if you are 100% sure they can contribute to the visibility of your advertising and will be shown to the right audience.