How many ads can I place on my site?

In our article How do you become a publisher on Ad Naivia we explained that you decide by yourself where to place ads on your site, as well as how many ads you will post.

A maximum of 2 widget is allowed on one site. One widget can have nine ads. So, a maximum of 18 ads can be placed on one site.

Each publisher wants to have as many ads as possible, because someone is more likely to click on them. However, we advise you not to work in this way.

Websites that are overbooked with ads reject readers and don’t attract them. It can also result in the Ad Nativia platform classifying your site into a group with lower traffic quality, which can result in you getting a lower cost-per-click.

From our experience so far, the combination with a widget of 4 smaller ads (140 × 140) placed at the beginning of the post and 6 larger ads (287 × 162) at the end of the text proved to be the best.