How do you make money through a referral program?

As a publisher (but also an advertiser) of the Ad Nativia platform, you have the right to earn money from our referral program. That way, you will earn a bonus from everyone who sign up to our platform, through your recommendation. The procedure is as follows:

Go to your Ad Nativia profile. On the menu on the left, choose REFERRAL SYSTEM / REFERRAL CODE.

Download the referral code, depending on how you are going to promote the platform: via a link, a banner of a certain size, a URL, etc.

Invite friends to sign up for the Ad Nativia platform by sending them your referral link to sign up. Or promote it on social networks, forums, YouTube channels, etc. You can also post a referral banner on your site and thus attract the attention of potential publishers and advertisers.

Your benefits from referral programs are as follows:

  • for each new advertiser, who signs up via your referral link, URL or banner, you get 30 euros. You will get your payment after advertiser invests its first 100 euros for advertising.
  • from each publisher who signs up via your referral link, URL or banner, you get 15 euros. You will get your payment after publisher earns its first 100 euros.

This is literally one of those forms of earnings where you have to put a little effort into it at first, the money starts to come in, and you don’t have to do anything later.

On your Ad Nativia profile, you will always have an insight into your earnings through the referral program.