How do I set up location targeting?

You can define the location where your advertising campaign will run during the creation of the campaign itself. And that on Step 2 – Locations.

On the left is a list of countries. Navigate to the desired location, click it, and then click the arrow pointing to the right. The desired country will switch to the right box, confirm to UPDATE and you’re done targeting the location.

If you made a mistake in the name of the country, then click on the wrongly selected location in the right box, and then on the arrow pointing to the left. Then find the desired country, mark it by clicking, then the arrow to the right again and the desired location will switch to the right box again.

Confirm all changes on UPDATE!

What if I want to target people who live outside their home country?

Sometimes people who live and work outside their home country are an extremely attractive audience for product promotion. But how do you show the campaign to specific users?

Do this via location and language settings. To get started, mark the desired location in Step 2, then check the target language of your target audience in Step 6. Confirm on UPDATE!

In which countries is it best to run campaigns?

It’s normal that you want to promote your products and services in the countries that have proven most profitable and have the most traffic. The top 5 locations with the most traffic include:

  1. Serbia
  2. North Macedonia
  3. Bosnia
  4. Croatia
  5. Germany

The most profitable are western countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, etc. For relatively little money, it is possible to reach a solvent audience.