How do I set a cost-per-click?

This is the most common issue that revolts new advertisers. That’s why we always suggest they look at our price list before they create their first campaign. You can see the price list at this link. Prices vary from country to country.

It should be noted that any advertiser can put the price of the click that he wants. The attached price list is only there as a suggestion and to help beginners in this form of advertising.

Traffic quality – what is this option for?

You will notice that we have offered the TRAFFIC QUALITY option on Step 7, where the click price is entered.

Namely, we have three categories for our publishers, i.e., portal owners and blogs that show your campaigns: Top Level, Middle and Low.

Top publishers include portals with more visits, where someone is more likely to click your ad. These are usually sites with better quality content and fewer advertisements. Middle and Low are with slightly weaker content and more advertising.

You can specify which sites you want your campaigns to appear on by checking Top Level, Middle, or Low, and you can bookmark all three at the same time. The Ad Nativia platform will automatically offer you only Middle, and you change according to your own needs.

When it comes to the price of clicks, the top level of click should be slightly higher, while low is the cheapest.

How do I set the price of clicking for Top, Middle and Low traffic quality?

You can use the prices offered from our price list for Middle quality traffic. For Top, increase by 20%, while for Low you can reduce 20%.

Please note again that price selection is your personal choice. Whatever amount you choose, start at Middle, and Top and Low increase/decrease by 20%.