Why was my payment request denied?

In rare cases, a payment request is rejected, and the reasons are mainly related to the PayPal, or you misrepresentation of the data into your profile.

The PayPal problem

If you have just opened a PayPal account, money may not be transferred to your account. So, make sure you fill in all the required information on your PayPal account.

This money transfer platform sometimes asks new users for additional information, such as personal data, account numbers, various verifications, etc., all to protect themselves and their users from various scams. If you have not complied with everything you are asked to do, the money you withdraw from Ad Nativia will not be transferred to PayPal.

So, if you have this situation, see if you’ve put all the requested data into your PayPal account. If everything seems to be all right, write PayPal’s customer support.

For the money you earned, no worries! The money will be refunded to your Ad Nativia profile and once you resolve the issue with PayPal you will be able to request a payout again. At the very least, you can choose another method for withdrawing money. Everything will be paid to you on the first coming Tuesday.

The problem with the bank

If you have applied for payment to a bank account and have not received the money, please note that banks sometimes take up to 2-3 days to make transactions. If the account says “rejected”, you most likely entered the wrong account number.

We advise you to be very careful when entering payment data into a bank account. It is desirable to check at least twice the data entered.

If you have entered the wrong account number, modify it and resend the request.