What targeting options are available?

To show your campaign to a real audience, there are several filters available, which you can use as needed.

Traffic Filter

This option allows you to run your campaign only on the publisher sites where you received the most conversions and clicks.

Here are three options:

  • No filter
  • Blacklist
  • Whitelist

By choosing the Whitelist, you enter a list of publishers where you have satisfactory results and where you want to advertise in the future. By choosing the Blacklist, you enter a list of publishers that have brought you weaker results and where you no longer want to advertise.

In the article How to filter sites with poorer results, we have described the entire procedure, how to use these options and what needs to be set up.


Unlike other filters, the location is necessarily marked. If you accidentally forget to set up the country where the campaign will appear, our moderators will remind you by e-mail to mark the location. You can choose any country, and among the countries with the most traffic is currently: Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia and Germany. Find more on: How do I set up location targeting?


Choose the type of portal site where you want your campaign to be displayed. You can skip this option, because in most cases the target audience visits mostly all types of sites offered in categories.


You can target this option, for example, only people who use a mobile phone or only people who have accessed the Internet through a laptop or desktop. Targeting can also extend to users who have a specific operating system, which is great if you’re campaigning for an IOS app, mobile games, etc.


Set the time period if you want the campaign to be shown on certain days of the week, at a specific period (e.g. from today to the next three weeks), or if you want the campaign to go at a specific time of day. Filtering is allowed by dates, hours, or days of the week. Find more on: How do I schedule campaign to run at a certain time?


An especially useful option if your target group is made up of a national minority in a state. Let’s say you want to promote your campaign to Latino Americans in Texas. Just mark Texas in locations and put the language in Spanish.