What is the minimum CPC I can offer?

The CPC for the campaigns you create is up to you. However, if you set a price that is too low, your campaign may not show at all or have extraordinarily little traffic.

Therefore, we suggest that your guide to determining the ideal click price be the price list of our platform. Prices are different for each country and you can see them at this link.

We also suggest that you take advantage of the TRAFFIC QUALITY option

Our advertisers have been offered the option to determine the quality of traffic. It’s up to you to choose Top Level, Middle or Low. You can choose all three at a time, or you can only choose two or one. Whatever suits you.

What exactly is the quality of traffic?

Our publishers (websites that show your campaigns) are divided into three categories. Top are the highest quality publishers with the highest number of visits and the highest quality audience. Middle and Low have a slightly smaller number of visits. Top publishers rarely have better quality content and fewer advertisements, and this makes them significantly more likely to bring the desired results.

On TRAFFIC QUALITY, you choose which publisher you want your ad to display.

A separate click price must be set for each of these options. Suggestions from our price list refer to Middle traffic quality. For Low, you can reduce your CPC by 20% from the price list. For Top, increase by 20% in relation to the price of Middle traffic quality.

Whatever you set the median price of clicking, for Top and Low, increase or decrease by 20%.