What is best to advertise on a Ad Nativia network?

Let’s start by clarifying why this type of advertising is better than the others.

People don’t like commercials! And when they are forced to watch them, because they impose themselves on them, they watch them without any special concentration. Someone has invested money, work, effort and their creativity, and the user will not even give him a chance, by looking carefully at the advertisement.

Native advertising has an advantage because it doesn’t look like classic advertising. Your advertising campaign fits the content on the publisher’s website and acts as one of the articles on the site. Something that will change the user’s life for the better. Therefore, users will happily click on your banner and get better information about the product or service you are promoting.

Secondly and equally importantly, advertising is more favorable, and you can target audiences in any part of the world.

What can I advertise through the Ad Nativia platform?

Whatever product or service it may be, the Ad Nativia platform is available for advertising. The only thing not allowed to promote are gambling and adult content.

Among the products most frequently promoted on our platform are:

  • Various supplements: for weight loss, hypertension, joints, diabetes, boosting immunity and other health prevention and improvement products.
  • Cosmetic supplements such as face creams, hair, skin, cellulite removal…
  • Protein supplements and sweets for bodybuilders and physically active people.

Not only products are promoted, but also services, for example:

• Training and nutrition plan

• Insurance

• Courses

• Online earning platforms

• Job offers

• Games and apps

If you have your own site that you want to promote, you can also advertise articles from your site, your blog, video clips…

Native advertising is used by well-known brands

The fact that it has been used by large companies for some time is also about how effective native advertising is.

When Adidas launched a new footwear line with “boost” technology, they hired an agency that deals with native advertising to inform users about this product line. Brand awareness has gone up by as much as 50%.

Even better was Beko, who had CTR (click-through rate) up by as much as 75%, and the brand received far more positive ratings from new users.

The French company Renault had trouble penetrating the Pacific region, which includes part of Africa, India, South Korea, and Australia. Their first native campaign had as many as a million views, while VTR (view-through rate) came out at 33%. Subsequent campaigns were even more successful, which significantly raised brand awareness in these parts of the world.