Prohibited content, products, and services

Ad Nativia is a great platform for any form of advertising. However, there are smaller, reasonable restrictions that we require from our advertisers.

The following is prohibited on our platform:

• Promoting adult pornography and content.

• Malicious codes, malware, viruses…

• Sale of medicines! Free-selling supplements are allowed.

• Promoting gambling, alcohol, and tobacco.

• Insults on racial, religious, and national grounds, as well as any hate speech.

• Automatic software download.

• Fake viruses, so-called “scan warnings” or “technical support notifications”

• Marketing materials protected by copyright.

Ad Nativia operators reserve the right to reject inappropriate content. Please note that your campaigns are vetted before approval, to make sure that none of the above rules have been violated. We reserve the right to refuse to display the campaign in case it violates any of the above rules.

The Advertiser will be notified by e-mail if its campaign has failed to meet the requirements for advertising.

If the ad is approved and the advertiser subsequently modifies it by entering prohibited content, its account may be suspended or shut down.