How to Set a Daily Budget?

The Daily Budget is the perfect option for all advertising beginners, advertisers with a small budget and for those who still haven’t managed to find the right strategy for creating campaigns.

It helps you spend your advertising budget rationally and limits the spending of your advertising budget per day. It gives you time to research which campaigns are most profitable for you and to edit them when necessary.

Your daily advertising budget depends on the total budget you invest in the campaign. According to the marketers, it should be ten times smaller. This means that if you invested 200 euros in the campaign, the daily budget should be more than 20 euros.

Of course, you can edit the daily advertising budget according to your needs. The daily budget should not be close to the total amount of the budget (Add Fund). For example, when you invest 200 euros in a campaign, your daily budget should not be 70, 100 or more euros. You won’t gain anything by doing this.

The minimum amount for the daily budget is 1 euro, which is great for advertisers who invest smaller amounts, but also for those who want to test their strategies.

Another useful option that can help you improve the results of your ad campaigns is the day targeting filter. We wrote about how to use it in the best possible way in the article: How to effectively use the targeting filter by days?