How to increase traffic on campaigns

All advertisers want that as many people as possible to see their ad!

Traffic can be increased with the help of a few simple tricks that we will reveal to you in this text. Try applying them to increase the traffic on your campaigns.

Do not use filters unnecessarily!

Filters are an extremely useful thing if you want advertise to be shown to a specific group of people, but do not use them if you don’t have to. Too many filters narrow the audience, which means less traffic.

We suggest usage of the basic filters only, and that is the location or/and the language.

Language targeting can be used if you are targeting a specific group. For example, to display an advertisement for Latino people living in California. In that case, you can target Spanish to Step 6 (language), and to the location California. If you want your ad to be shown to the audience in Mexico, there is no need to target the language.

Therefore, skip unnecessary filters.

Increase the cost per click

This is one of the best methods to increase traffic. However, advertisers cannot always increase the price of clicks drastically and thus invest more than the planned budget. That’s why we suggest you to test which click price would be the most ideal.

At this link you can see the proposed price per click for each country individually. Start by typing on a higher price than the proposed price. You can later gradually reduce it by 10%, until you determine the optimal cost-per-click.

For example, the proposed (medium) price for Croatia is 3-euro cents (0.03 euros). Start with 4 cents (0.04 euros). Wait a day or two, then lower the price to 0.036. Wait another day or two, then reduce it to 0.033, etc. Until you determine the optimal price per click.

Along the way, you can track how much traffic you’re getting, what your conversion rate is, and whether higher click prices are needed, or leave it at current figure.


You’ve deleted almost all the filters, increased the price of clicks, and traffic isn’t rising again. Check your CTR or click rate. It is on the profile report page.

CTR should be 0.3% to 0.4%, more or less. If the CTR is too low, it means that people are not too interested in clicking on your ad and reading what is it about.

This probably means that the image and title are not tempting enough, so work on it. We wrote a lot on our blog about how to write a good headline and how to choose the perfect image that will attract user’s attention. Read these two important articles:

Keep in mind that it’s not good for CTR to be too high either. If that happens to you, check the conversion rate. It’s not good if you have a lot of clicks and few products sell. That way you spend money on advertising, and you don’t have a satisfactory profit.