How to Create a Successful Campaign with a Low Budget?

We understand that not all advertisers have a large advertising budget, especially if they are just starting their business. You should not worry in that case either, because even with a low budget you can create a successful campaign that will bring you good results.

In the following text, we will explain how to optimize a campaign with a daily budget of €2-5.

How do advertisers make the most common mistakes?

When you already have a low budget, it is important to divide that budget well. The first thing that many advertisers don’t do is define a daily budget. Be sure to define this item, so that the budget for the campaign is distributed evenly over the next few days.

Setting a daily budget is also good for campaign testing. Without defining a daily budget, your total campaign investment will be quickly spent. If you define a budget, then you certainly have it available for a few days, so you can also edit some items on the campaign, if you notice that the audience is not reacting the way you wanted. For example, you can put a more attractive image, a more effective title, replace the pre-landing page, etc.

Another mistake that advertisers make is not using filters.

Filters are your budget’s best friend!

Your advertising budget will be much better spent if you use filters. The location filter is required at the creation of each campaign. But what about the others?

The Ad Nativia platform has many more filters that will help you better target your audience. First, pay attention to those on steps 3 and 4. On these steps, you mark the interests of your target group and indicate the type of portals they visit.

For example, if you are promoting women’s cosmetics, on step 3 (Interest), you can mark some of the following items:

  • Beauty and health
  • Women’s topics

… and on step 4 (portals):

  • Women’s sites
  • Beauty & Health
  • News portals
  • Lifestyle

In this way, you will reduce the number of users to whom your campaigns are shown and thereby better optimize the budget, and you have also targeted users who can easily decide to buy the product you are promoting.

You won’t make a mistake even if you create, for example, several campaigns, so mark one location, one interest and one type of portal in each one.

To summarize – How to create a campaign with a low budget?

  • In addition to location filters, use interest filters and filters portals.
  • Define a daily budget in the amount of 2-5 euros.
  • You can create multiple campaigns, and target one location, interest and portal in each of them.
  • Click prices, as well as the total budget, can be based on your personal assessment.

A good marketer knows that a bigger budget is not more important than a low budget, that only what is important is the strategy. You can also use this campaign creation strategy for higher budgets.

Of course, it is always in your interest to get as much traffic as possible, while keeping your budget low. We wrote about a strategy that will bring you more profit in the article: Do you want as much traffic as possible from your campaigns? Here is the best strategy to apply!