How Much Traffic Can Be Generated Using the Ad Nativia Platform?

The mission of the Ad Nativia platform is to provide its advertisers with the best possible experience and help them earn as much money as possible from their product or service through digital marketing.

We are proud to be succeeding in that mission for the sixth year now. To convince you of what we said, we will present some data about our platform, which we downloaded from the CloudFlare network:

  • Ads displayed through the Ad Nativia platform are viewed by 8-10 million unique users monthly.
  • On a weekly basis, that number is around 3 million.
  • Within 24 hours, advertisements displayed by our platform were shown to around 800,000 users.

Each user sees our advertisement several times during the month. These are unique users from the region, but also from the diaspora. There are no fake clicks and views with us, we strictly control that! Each user is a real person who looks at your offer because he is really interested in it.

So, you can get more than enough traffic through the Ad Nativia platform.

We do not cooperate with Facebook or Google

Ad Nativia is a separate brand, and it does not depend on social networks and Google, although we are engaged in the same business – we bring you users who will become familiar with your offer. There is only one important difference or rather an advantage.

There is much less competition on our network, which automatically means that you do not need a higher advertising budget to reach potential users. Let’s say with a budget of 1000 euros that you would invest in advertising, you will get ten times more if you invest it in Ad Nativia than in Facebook ads.

How high a budget do I need to get results?

It all depends on what you want to achieve, but basically, good results and enough traffic can be obtained with a budget of several hundred euros. The entire budget can be distributed over several campaigns. Of course, the higher your budget is, the more traffic you’ll get.

This does not mean that results cannot be obtained even with a low budget. Of course, the results will not be the same as when you invest a few hundred or a few thousand euros, but you will certainly make a profit. What’s more, the minimum amount for budget payment (Add Fund) is only 30 euros.

It’s all about good strategy. How to set up the campaign, which filters to use, etc. You can read more about it in the article: How to create a successful campaign with a low budget?