How Much Does Ad Nativia Advertising Cost in 2023: Everything You Need to Know!

Native advertising on the Ad Nativia platform should be a part of the marketing strategy for all businesses that want to make a profit in 2023 without wasting their budget. What is the reason for that?

Well, Ad Nativia has over 10,000,000 unique users per month, who can see your advertising campaign. These are real users, there are no fake clicks on Ad Nativia, because such things are detected in time and strictly sanctioned. Some of the users will see your campaign more than once, so in total, Ad Nativia has about 400,000,000 ad views per month.

Such numbers are impressive, but at the same time terrifying. Does so much competition for viewing on the platform mean higher costs at the same time?! Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that!

Marketing on the Ad Nativia platform is still much more affordable than on the other platforms. Regardless of the impressive numbers of views, the competition is still much smaller than, for example, on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. You don’t need a million-dollar budget to advertise effectively and stand out from other advertisers.

In this guide, we’ll talk in more detail about how much budget you need for native ads in 2023. We’ll also share tips on how to reduce your advertising costs while still getting successful results.

What determines the cost of native advertising?

Each advertiser who creates a campaign on the Ad Nativia platform competes for a specific place where the ad will be displayed in front of the target audience they have chosen. Whose ads will have priority depends on the price per click that the advertiser sets. The advertiser who sets a higher price has priority over others. The more advertisers are active, the higher the cost per click you will have to pay.

The views are also affected by the filters you have chosen, by eliminating a certain part of the audience, which does not belong to your target group of users. For example, you may be interested in an audience in Germany, while your competitor selling the same product is targeting Austrians.

Currently, the biggest competition is for the Balkan countries.

Advertisers are generally most active during holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, or Easter, thus increasing competition. Then they are forced to put a higher price per click, but it is worth it because users are more active on the Internet during the holidays.

How much does native advertising cost on the Ad Nativia platform?

The price of advertising is a few euro cents per click, it mostly depends on the country in which you want to advertise. For the Balkan region, it is about 3-4 cents, for the countries of Western Europe a little more.

You can see a more precise price list on the Ad Nativia price list.

The prices shown in the price list are indicative. You can take them as a starting point and raise or lower them as needed, depending on the competition that is on the platform.

This is the reason why native advertising on Ad Nativia is one of the cheapest forms of marketing that is effective. For example, for our area, Balkan, the average price of advertising on Facebook is about 10-15 cents per click, which is significantly more than native advertising on the Ad Nativia platform. Advertising on Instagram or YouTube is even more expensive.

Another important thing, native ads do not charge for views, like ads on social networks, only clicks on the ad are paid.

A smart way to spend your advertising budget

Although the cost of native advertising is much lower, no one wants to waste their budget. Here’s how to handle those situations.

At the end of last year, we were contacted by a new client. He wanted to test a few of his campaigns, wanting to find the right strategy for reaching his target group of users. He planned to invest 500 euros in each campaign. Of course, he was not in the mood to spend a large part of his budget on testing, so he asked us for advice.

We suggested that he run four campaigns first and let them run for seven days to analyze how much he spends on campaigns per day. He contacted us again after seven days and said that each campaign spent about 30 euros per day.

Then we suggested to him to create new campaigns, on which he will also define the daily budget. We told him to make his daily budget 20 euros (we reduced the 30 euros by a third of the amount).

The client was delighted with the proposal. Not only did he test his campaigns well, but he also saved his advertising budget by limiting his daily budget. He still uses this option and thus manages the budget he invests in native advertising well.

A daily budget is a good option because it prevents unnecessary spending of the budget and most important, it allows you to spend as little money as possible on campaign testing.

How to be among the best advertisers, without having to constantly increase the price per click?

For the smart marketing strategist, advertising can always be cheaper. You just need to wisely use all the options that the Ad Nativia platform offers.

Don’t allow yourself, once you find the best landing page and the most successful advertising strategy, to stop there. Keep in mind that the audience quickly gets fed up with one advertisement. In native advertising, it is necessary to change parameters, such as landing and pre-landing pages, images, ad titles, etc.

Here are some tips to help you always go in the right direction:

  • Always experiment, let a small part of the budget go to testing new pre-landing pages and strategies.
  • Use filters such as Portals and Interests.
  • Select the portals on which you had the most clicks, by using the black list and white list options.
  • Make sure you don’t repeat the same titles and images in a short period of time. You repeat them after a couple of months.
  • Define well who your target audience is, research how they think and which websites they visit.
  • Track users who clicked on your ad. How many of them read the content of the pre-landing page; how many of them went to the landing page; and how many of them actually converted.

It’s time to switch to effective advertising methods

The Ad Nativia platform is a marketing tool that can be used by all types of businesses. With us, you will surely find your target group of users, regardless of who they are, what their nationalities are, what their interests are, whether they like to eat cereals for breakfast or are more into an omelet with sausage.
Feel free to experiment and test (don’t forget to use the daily budget), call customer support to help you if something confuses you or if you simply need help defining the perfect campaign.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Save this article for future ad creation guidelines and sign up for Native Media now!