How Effectively to Use the Targeting Filter by Days?

First, let’s explain why this strategy should be implemented. Sometimes it happens that the audience is shown a lot of your campaigns and they get bored with the same one. This will only turn them away from your offer. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to let users take a break from your ad campaigns.

If you bombard them with an offer, you will turn away even users who are interested in buying the product or service you are promoting. If you decide to use this tactic, you don’t have to turn off the campaign every few days and reactivate it after a while, but simply use the time targeting filter on the Ad Nativia platform.

What options does the time targeting filter offer you?

You can set the time limit for the duration of the campaign in several ways, and each way is done in step 6 – Time. You can set a certain period during the day, from date to date, how many weeks you want the campaign to be displayed, etc.

However, it is best to set day filtering, i.e., that the campaign is displayed on certain days of the week. Select the option by choosing filter days/certain days at step 6 (Time) when creating the campaign. The platform will show you the possibility to choose the days of the week during which you want the campaign to be displayed.

Which days should I choose?

It is best to choose four days in a row. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if it was during the weekend, so you choose Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but you won’t go too far wrong if you choose other days. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone and spends their free time online. The time when connecting to the Internet exclusively via a computer has passed. So today it is more profitable to set campaigns to be displayed in the evening or during non-working days, when users are not at work and can surf the net without interruption.

If you have several campaigns, then spread them over different days. Let one part be shown, say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the other on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In this way, you will avoid users getting bored with your campaign due to the large number of impressions, and therefore you will not turn them away from your offer.