How do I add a Ad Nativia code to my blog on the

If you have your own blog, which you have developed for free on the you can also become a publisher for Ad Nativia and make money. Because Blogger doesn’t have code insertion plugs like WordPress, the procedure here is a little different, but equally simple.

To get started, go to your Ad Nativia profile. Select AD CODES / CREATE from the menu on the left.

Go through the whole process and finally paste your Ad Nativia code.

Then go to your Blogger profile. Select LAYOUT from the menu on the left. Choose which part of the blog you want to place ads and click ADD A GADGET.

In the window that appears, locate HTML / JavaScript, and then click ADD ( plus in blue square).

It is not necessary to enter any title in the TITLE field, just paste your Ad Nativia code in the box below the title. Click SAVE to see if your ads have appeared on your profile.

You can edit ads in Blogger as you wish, or you can set them to appear in certain positions. The position of the ad is especially important and often affects the number of clicks, and our advice is to place it in the page body, namely that the position is above and below the text. We also suggest that, at least for starters, you should choose four smaller ads at the top and six major ads at the bottom of the text.

You can change positions by going back to LAYOUT, so drag only the created HTML to the column that you want to the right.

Insert a code over THEME

There’s another option you can add to the code. For starters, sign into Blogger and go to THE THEME, which is also on the menu on the left.

Click EDIT HTML. In open code boxes, go search (type CTRL +F ) and find the <!– Comments –>

Paste your code above this option.

Finally, click SAVE THEME and review whether the ads have appeared on your blog.