Do You Want as Much Traffic as Possible from Your Campaigns? Here is the Best Strategy to Apply!

We all want to earn as much as possible and invest as little as possible. With proper campaign creation, it is very possible, but it takes time until it is established which campaign will bring the best results. That’s why below we will suggest to you the ideal strategy that will help you create the perfect campaign and bring you great traffic.

Be sure to save these instructions somewhere, especially if you’re new to native advertising.

How to start?

We suggest that you create four campaigns at the beginning and invest, for example, 200 euros in each. Use only location as a filter. Allow campaigns to run for seven days.

After that, look at the statistics before continuing. Consider which campaign was the most successful, what image and title you used, how carefully the audience read your pre-landing page and, of course, how many conversions you achieved. Be sure to pay attention to how much money the most successful campaign spent per day. You will need this information.

In the following campaigns, be sure to add the daily budget

The daily budget will contribute to a better use of the budget you invest in advertising. Also, it will limit the display of your campaigns per day. If campaigns run too often, your audience will get fed up with your ads, your ad will be ignored, and your budget will be wasted.

After reviewing the report for your first four campaigns, you can create new ones, using the parameters from the most successful campaigns. Use similar images and headlines but add a daily budget as well.

How much your daily budget will be depending on how much the most successful campaign is spent per day. The daily budget can be a third less than the amount that brought results.

Let’s say that your most successful campaign spent 25 euros per day. When you reduce that amount by a third, you get from opportunity 17. So, you can define your daily budget to be 17 euros per day.

Testing will help you get better results

Why did we write the strategy just like this? Because in this way you test how the audience reacts to your campaigns. Check how many people read your sales stories or pre-landing pages, how many conversions they achieve, etc. The daily budget limits the spending of the invested budget and gives you the flexibility to change the campaign from time to time, if necessary.

We know it’s easy to set strategies when we have a bigger advertising budget. What should we do when our budget is low, especially if we are beginners and don’t have a lot of money to invest in marketing?

A good strategy is always more important than the amount we have in our advertising budget. How to distribute money for advertising when you don’t have a bigger budget, we wrote in the article: How to create a successful campaign with a low budget?